HHC – Cerridwen Gown

HHC - Cerridwen Gown

HETH Haute Couture — Catering to individuals with a more discerning taste in fashion.

HHC – The Cerridwen Gown

An enchantress of medieval legend – the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. This gown is a stunning representation of this timeless goddess. This silk and lace fitted gown is adorned with thousands of shimmer beads and features a long sleeve lace-up front corset gown with trumpeted skirt and train, beaded feather cape, jeweled and feathered neck piece, black diamond tiara, ring and earrings. In 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha layer.

This item is a Heth Haute Exclusive Event item for the SMA/METAVERSE Haunted Hayride



This event includes:
The Haunted Hayride
The Pumpkin Hunt (LOTS of FREE items)
The Shopping Area (To purchase participating designers event exclusive items)

Event : All of these landmarks:
SLURL’s SMA / METAVERSE Haunted Hayride Event

Pumpkin HUNT Event

Haunted Hayride



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