FUSION 101 – ::BLOSSOM::Honey Bikini

FUSION 101 - ::BLOSSOM::Honey Bikini

This is Blossom’s Honey Bikini, dedicated to the most amazing person I know! And this one is Blossom sexy as always hehehe. Coming with the two piece low cut bikini with 17 hot textures and an optional white strap for any of the 17 you pick. This has with it an applier for a cute little landing strip that just makes it self knows below the kini bottoms, uber hot!

Bikini comes in Maitreya, 2 Slink, 3 Belleza, and 2 Tonic sizes
Landing strip applier comes in Black, Brunette, Ginger, & Blonde for Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink so even if you have Tonic, you can use the Omega applier relay

This bikini is EXCLUSIVE to the Fusion 101 Event.


*Taken at Kanaloa Surf Beach 


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