::PM::@SWANK July 2017

::PM::@SWANK July 2017

Tropical Island Heat Event @ Swank!

Ready to get away from it all? Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand We’ll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band Way Down in Kokomo. Now if you wanna go to get away from it all Go down to the Tropical Island Heat Event, but get there fast and then take it slow… We have it all! Fashion, Beauty, All Bento, Home & Garden all exclusive with over 100 designers with creations calling to the Island Life @ SWANK EVENTS

::PM:: Makena Outfit

Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya
SLink Hourglass, Physique

HUD for blouse & short


::PM:: PurpleMoon Creations 

*Taken at Maison de l’Amitié 



[TCoD] ~ Outfit Men ~ Greg

Sιzєѕ: L M S XL XS
Ƒιтмєѕн ѕιzєѕ: Sιgηαтυяє
Ƒιтмєѕн ѕιzєѕ: A∂αм
Ƒιтмєѕн ѕιzєѕ: Sℓιηк
Ƒιтмєѕн ѕιzєѕ: Ɓєℓℓєzα (Jαкє)
Ƒιтмєѕн ѕιzєѕ: Aєѕтнєтιc
Ƒιтмєѕн ѕιzєѕ: Ɲx

Hυ∂ 47 Ƭєχтυяєѕ:
– 9 Long Coat + 2 Button
– 7 Vest + 2 Button
– 9 Shirt
– 7 Tie
– 9 Pants + 2 Button

Ƒσя Mєη:
Aναтαя cℓαѕѕιc
Aναтαя: Sιgηαтυяє
Aναтαя: A∂αм
Aναтαя: Sℓιηк
Aναтαя: Ɓєℓℓєzα (Jαкє)
Aναтαя: Aєѕтнєтιc
Aναтαя: Ɲx

~ Mєѕн.


*Taken at Elysium City of Templemore 

Heth Haute Couture – Colt Men’s Formal

Heth Haute Couture - Colt Men's Formal

HHC – The Colt Men’s Formal – NEW RELEASE

A most sensually intoxicating experience – the allure of the of the Latin Vampire. This formal ensemble exudes the couture brilliance of both worlds – a strong Latin influence and elegance of the vampire. Featuring a three piece formal suit in black silk detailed with gold, burgundy and hunter green acanthus leaves. Includes Jacket, matching slacks, vest, boutonnier, shirt. cravat, brooch, belt, lace sleeve cuffs, and formal jeweled shoes. In 5 sizes and compatible with most mesh avatars.

Look your best – style right. — HETH Haute Couture

Heth Haute Couture MAINSTORE 

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury 

Taken at Mystical Fae Forrest

Heth Haute Couture – Dom Pedro Ensemble

Heth Haute Couture - Dom Pedro Ensemble

HHC – The Dom Pedro I Ensemble
Created for Rodrigo Colt-Stable – Mr. Virtual World Brazil as his National Costume, Dom Pedro I was the founder and first Emperor of Brazil. A true style icon of his time, and the epitome of fashion. This ensemble reflects the panache of his style moved forward. An elaborate cutaway jacket with standing collar is detailed in acanthus gold gimp and features a 6 button open front with jeweled waist and back chains, epaulette shoulders, wide cuffs, matching vest and slacks, and includes jeweled dress sword, Jeweled lapel ornaments, matching leather shoes with socks, standing collar shirt, jeweled cravat, white gloves, and double back caplets. Includes 5 mesh sizes.

Look your best – style right. — HETH Haute Couture

Heth Haute Couture MAINSTORE 

Heth Haute Couture @Pure Luxury 

*Taken at Winter Moon